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Tim Reviews Image Books

Manifest Destiny #16 - This arc has been super weird, and this issue is no exception. I'm not quite as enamored by the book as I have been, but it's still a solid read. for those who are reading, what are your thoughts?

Rat Queens #11 - Tess Fowler is getting some grief for her art, but I'm really digging it. This arc is going back to what I originally loved about the book - great dialogue and cheesy fantasy with a kick-ass female cast. What did those of you that are reading it think?

Island #2 - OH. MY. GOODNESS. This book is so good. from the incredibly beautiful front endpapers (are they called that in comics?) by Will Kirby to Simon Roy's lost civilistaion story to emotionally beautiful conclusion to her story from issue one, this is a juicy anthology from start to finish. well worth the $8 cover price (for 114 pages). -Tim Barklay 


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