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Rick and Morty Season 3 Date Revealed

UPDATE: A new trailer for season 3 was also shown on the stream.  You can watch the trailer itself down below.

If you've been watching Rick and Morty (if you haven't you should) you've probably been wondering about the third season.  When the first episode was played this past April Fool's Day, no one thought we would have to wait months for the next episode.  Tonight, the show's creators, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, have finally broken the silence and announced when the rest of season 3 would premiere via a livestream: July 30, 2017.  The stream was done in typical Harman/Roiland fashion, opening with a live-action version of the "Eye-hole man skit" and Roiland doing an interview via a RC car.  As the night went on, the panel (consisting of Roiland, Harmon, lead animator Erica Hayes, and the voice of Mr. Goldenfold, Brandon Johnson) covered the non-existent feud between the show's creators and rumours of Rick and Morty's cancellation while Hayes showed off her artistic talents on a projector and Harmon wrote up an improv script.  

As for other announcements: a cure for Syphilis, a new character called Announcey, a fake season 4 reveal and some updates on the show's progress; the panel was full of the humor that we've grown to love from this crew. If you wanna check out the stream for yourself, you can watch it right now on AdultSwim.com


So what do you guys think? Glad to have a premiere date? Still haven't seen the show? Let us know!

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