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Marvel's Mutant Messiah Is Missing. And You'll Never Guess Where He Is..!

Marvel's Mutant Messiah Is Missing. And You'll Never Guess Where He Is..!

To the disappointment and frustration of fans Marvel's X-Force has seen no presence amongst, All New-All Different Marvel solicitations.

X-Force has been a staple of the monthly X-men books for almost a decade. With critically acclaimed runs from Remender and Yost garnering four #1's as Marvel continues to breath life onto the ongoing stories of anti-hero mutants.

However the cat is out of the bag as we understand WHY the long standing series has yet to have an ANAD announcement. With the release of upcoming February DC solicitations we learn that DC has acquired the rights to Marvels X-Force characters.

We'll first see Cable and crew in Cyborg #8. (With a variant cover edition featuring the X-Force logo) This is fitting as we expect Cable to be hunting Victor Stone for tips on how to be more like a real boy.

What will this mean for rumored upcoming appearances in Fox feature films? Well at this point we can only speculate. But we think its safe to expect a certain number of familiar "Boo-yah"s to be heard in the already planned Deadpool 2.

Look for more Cable and Co in February.


Ok, if you made it this far, hopefully you know this is just jokes. And the cover to Cyborg #8 just featured characters who look like some marvel characters BUT that happens. No biggie. Hopefully, you did not share this story without actually reading the article. Never do that. Join the #stopclickbait movement. Stop frequenting and following sites that continue to mislead fans just to get clicks and fan tumbler flamewars...

by James Risk, Chris Grisby, CBNAH fam

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