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Manu Bennett Might Return to Arrow as Deathstroke

UPDATE: So Bennett just posted on his Twitter in very clear language that he wasn't filming for Arrow and is currently doing the Shannara Chronicles.  No clue what to make of this, but eventually the episode will come out and we will know who is telling the truth.  Check in for updates. 

So there was a weird Twitter exchange from some of the cast of Arrow yesterday.  Season 5 is getting ready to wrap up, and Stephen Amell (the actor who plays the Green Arrow) tweeted out some cool news for longtime Arrow fans: Deathstroke is coming back.  Even more, he tagged Manu Bennett (the actor who played Deathstroke in seasons past), implying that Bennett would be reprising his role.  

However, Manu Bennett has responded on his Twitter by saying that he was not going to be coming back for Arrow and replied to Amell's with a "WTF?????".  To confuse things further, Marc Guggenheim (writer and producer on Arrow) tweeted what appears to be a completed script titled after the show's iconic island where the Green Arrow and Deathstroke met while tagging Bennett.  

There is one piece of evidence that leads me to believe that Bennett is going to be on the finale, and that's this picture from his Instagram days before this Twitter exchange took place.  So either the team behind Arrow secretly recorded Bennett doing stuff in his Deathstroke outfit or this is just a big joke going on with the cast to get fans talking.  The links are all there for you to see for yourself. 

So what do you guys think? Hope Bennett is coming back? Looking forward to the Arrow season finale? Let us know!

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