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First Trailer for FLCL Season 2/3 is Out!

If you grew up in the era where the only place to watch anime was on Adult Swim, than you've seen at least one episode of Fooly Cooly (FLCL).  This very strange and very short anime followed the life of Naota Nandaba as he was trying to grow up too quickly.  On top of learning what it meant to be an adult, he also had to periodically fight some robots and help an alien find The Pirate King. It is both very strange and very endearing, molding growing up with robot battles in a way that hasn't been seen since it debuted in 2000. That will change when FLCL Seasons 2 and 3 debut later this year, titled FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative. A trailer for both was released that shows off the new cast the show will follow. It appears Haruka is going to stick around as the driving force behind the conflict, but we will be following two new students this time around. It's not quite clear how these two will relate to the original series, but I can guarantee fans of the show will be happy. Check out the trailer down below, and look out for FLCL Progressive on Toonami this June and FLCL Alternative a bit later in September!

So what do you guys think? Have some theories? Like the new look? Let us know!

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