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Dr. Who's 13th Doctor Revealed

The 13th Doctor has just been revealed, and you are seeing it right-the Doctor is a woman.  Jodie Whittaker is joining the ranks of David Tennant, Tom Baker, Peter Capaldi and all of the other actors who have had the honor of leading the long running BBC sci-fi series.  You would probably know Whittaker from her roles as Sam in Attack the Block,  Beth in Broadchurch and Ruth in Good Vibrations.  She is very British and very much ready to bring a new angle to the show.  

If you aren't really a fan of Dr. Who, you might not know that this will be the first time that the Doctor is being portrayed as a woman.  This is something that is already built into the Dr. Who canon: the Doctor's appearance can change after recovering from a mortal injury or illness.  This idea allowed the showrunners to replace leads without the awkwardness of having to pretend that the new guy is still totally the old guy and it gives them the creative freedom to make moves like this.  

No word just yet on the premiere date for the new season just yet, though early speculation suggests sometime in 2018.  In the meantime, you can watch the reveal trailer down below. 

So what do you guys think? Like the new casting? Haven't watched Dr. Who? Let us know!

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