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Diego Comics Publishing Presents Dark Rock Chronicles

Dark Rock Chronicles is the first of author Marco Guadalupi, that introduces us to a mind-bending alternate reality in which dark magic and heavy metal constantly clash. DRC is a band of young musicians formed by Matt, the drummer, Duff the bassist, Soul the guitarist, and Axl, the singer. DRC has grown tired of the oppression of the Prison for Out-of-Line Rockers, who run the country with an authoritarian rule. Through many twists and turns, they find themselves forced to enter the deadly Rock Warrior Tournament by a powerful demon. “Six souls of six musicians for six instruments!” this is the diabolic pact. The band of friends must use of their heavy rock abilities to defeat their enemies and escape unscathed.

Guadalupi provides an enthralling mixture of musical satire and dark fantasy adventure, one that fans of fantasy and rock music alike will love.

This hardback edition is enriched by the awesome cover art of one of Italy most renowned artist, Pino Rinaldi, who has worked for Marvel UK and Marvel Comics on series as Wild Angel, Freedom, Captain America n. 453, Thor n. 498 and Phoenix Aftermath.

Dark Rock Chronicles hardback will be presented at Icon Festival in Tel Aviv beginning of October, and Malta Comic Con beginning of December.


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