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CW's Black Lightning Gets New Trailer

So we finally have a trailer for the Black Lightning television show on the CW.  If you like anything else in the Arrow-verse, this should be right up your alley: we've got family, action, and a hero looking to defend his city from gangs tearing it apart.  From what we can see, the show takes place over a decade after Black Lightning was fighting crime in his city.  Like Arrow and The Flash, it appears that Black Lightning will focus a lot on the family dynamic between Jefferson Pierce and his two daughters, Anissa and Jennifer (or Thunder and Lightning going by their superhero names), and his struggle with the superhero life and being a dad.

If you don't know a whole lot about Black Lightning, he's basically what you are see here: a guy who can shoot lightning.  His daughters aren't that complicated either, Thunder can create shockwaves and Lightning can also shoot lightning.  He's been around since the 70s, and he'll be the first black superhero to lead a DC tv show (if we aren't including the Vixen and Static animated series).  Watch the trailer down below, it's worth checking out.  No word as to when Black Lightning will premire on the CW, so keep an eye on the site for more updates. 

What do you guys think? Like the trailer? Fan of Black Lightning? Let us know!

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