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Caitlin Kittredge to Write All-New Grimm Comic Series

Dark fantasy author Caitlin Kittredge will write the all-new Grimm comic book series, slated for release in September 2016. The new series, set during the acclaimed NBC television show's fourth season, pairs the author of Vertigo's celebrated Coffin Hill series with sensational artist Maria Sanapo (DC Comics Bombshells). 

"As a fan of the Grimm TV show, I jumped at the chance to come on board this comic," says Kittredge. "I'm doubly thrilled to be putting the ladies of Grimm front and center, taking Juliette through an adventure that's all her own. And teaming her up with Adalind was the natural choice; Juliette has a dark side she hasn't really let out during Season Four, and Adalind has a secret heroic side she tries her best to hide... but both of them are going to have to turn to their inner natures to take on the threat in this story. Who better to protect Portland than the four most badass women in it? I can't think of anyone!"

Caitlin Kittredge is an American author of dark fantasy and urban fantasy noir. She is known for her Nocturne City series of adult novels, as well as The Iron Codex, a series of young-adult books. Her work in comics include an impressive 20-issue run on Vertigo's Coffin Hill, as well as contributions to DC Comics' Sensational Comics Featuring Wonder Woman.

"One of the great thing about Grimm is that it presents strong female characters without pandering or falling into dopey stereotypes. They can handle themselves in a fight and they've all learned to traverse this weirdo world they live in, but the never stop feeling like real people," says Matt Idelson, Senior Editor. "Having Caitlin aboard this book has been gravy for me; she's caught the essence of the characters and the show perfectly. Wish I could show you her script, or the prep work Maria's been doing in advance of drawing the title.  Getting paid to do this job borders on criminal."

"When Dynamite published our previous Grimm series, we couldn't have been more pleased with the response of fans of the show and comics alike" says Dynamite CEO/Publisher, Nick Barrucci. "For the follow-up, we brought in one of the top names in dark fantasy to take on the top show in the genre! It's exciting to have someone as talented as Caitlin, whom we're working with for the first time, to helm these great new adventures. This series is sure to excite fans of the show and our previous series, as well as lovers of genre fiction."

To celebrate the launch of the new Grimm series, Dynamite is offering a variety of cover options. Two covers are available for individual order by retailers and fans: Cover A by series artist Maria Sanapo featuring the female cast, plus Cover B by Kyle Strahm (Spread), designed to look like a monster mask. Eligible readers can also acquire rare Black & White and Virgin Art cover variants as incentives for reaching specific preorder thresholds. 

Coinciding with the launch of the new comic series, Dynamite will release the massive Grimm Omnibus, collecting 496 pages of homicide investigator Nick Burkhardt's comic book adventures, including over 100 pages of never-before-collected material! The entire 2013-2014 Grimm comic book series (issues #0-12) is collected in this massive tome, assembled for the first time alongside the Portland, Wu one-shot special and never-before-collected The Warlock miniseries (by Bram Stoker Award-winning author Jai Nitz)!

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