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Arcadia #1 Gets a Second Printing

Via Press Release:


Award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios is pleased to announce that the sci-fi thriller Arcadia #1 has sold out at the distributor level. The publisher has rushed to a second printing to fill demand. This follows in a string of recent sellouts of BOOM! original titles, including Burning Fields, Cluster, Curb Stomp, Deep State, and Lumberjanes. Comic book fans should bear in mind that first printings of Arcadia #1 may still be found at the local comic shop nearest you. Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer? Use comicshoplocator.com or findacomicshop.com to find one! Alex Paknadel and Eric Scott Pfeiffer make their comics debut with this sprawling sci-fi thriller. When 99% of humankind is wiped out by a pandemic, four billion people are “saved” by being digitized at the brink of death and uploaded into Arcadia, a utopian simulation in the cloud. But when Arcadia begins to rapidly deplete the energy resources upon which the handful of survivors in the real world (aka “The Meat”) depends, how long will The Meat be able—and willing—to help? Arcadia #1 second print ships with a new cover by series artist Eric Scott Pfeiffer and carries a retail price of $3.99 with a Diamond Code of APR158123. Orders close on May 25th, and it is anticipated to be in stores on June 10th.



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