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Aquaman Movie Delayed

So if you were on our site at all in the past 5 minutes, you would have seen the story we published about the upcoming Venom movie in 2018.  Well, that wasn't the only bit of news that came from Exhibitor Relations, as they also tweeted out that the Aquaman movie was delayed from that same weekend to December 21, 2018.  There wasn't a reason given for the delay, but it doesn't seem likely that the Venom film coming that same weekend had anything to do with it.  You won't have to wait until 2018 to see Jason Momoa as Aquaman though. as we still have the Justice League movie coming November of this year. Frankly, I think they should take all the time they need, as this movie needs to be amazing if Aquaman can ever shake the public image of him from the Super Friends. 

How about you guys? Fan of Aquaman? Still think he's a big wimp? Want to see the movie either way? Let us know!


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